July 1

imageAfter breakfast with Arno, he drove us to Zanse Schans, where we met Jan Kanis, who is a local Mennonite and also happens to be a tour guide at Zanse Schans. Zaanse Schans is an open air Dutch museum that showcases various aspects of traditional Dutch culture. There we saw how wooden shoes we made, baking bread and cookies, cheese-making, clock-building, coffee roasting, raising goats, building boats and wooden barrels, and of course, then use of windmills to power a sawmill, press peanuts into peanut oil, mill mustard seed, and grind chalk into powder.
After souvenier shopping and lunch in the pancake house, Jan took us to see some Dutch Mennonite and others sites around Zandaam. An old peoples’ home started by Mennonites was first on the list, as well as the Mennonite church in Zandaam. One curious thing we noticed in this church…I jinni
We also saw the house in which Peter the Great from Russia stayed in while he was studying shipbuilding in Zaandam. We said goodbye to Jan and went into Amsterdam where we me Arno for some sightseeing around Amstedam. Several of the places we visited included the Singelkirk church, which is the big Mennonite church in Amsterdam, the house that Rembrant lived in, and several other notable buildings. We took a boat cruise throught the canals of Amsterdam, which has more visages than Venice, Italy.
Our last evening in Europe has come to an end, and it was time to head back to the guest room and repackage our suitcase and backpacks. We leave from Amsterdam Schipol airport at 9:25 am, with a transfer in Dublin, Ireland, before heading back to Chicago O’Hare.

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