Almost ready to go!

The packing is furiously underway, and final details are being taken care of.  We’ll start posting regularly once we’ve started travelling.  Hopefully it will be every day, assuming we can find internet access.  #eurosciencetrek

We’re going to Europe!

Recently learned that I am 1 of 100 lucky recipients of a Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Fellowship. Pack your bags, Karen LeFevre Swartzendruber, we’re going to Europe for a month this summer! My proposal was/is to visit historically significant locations where early chemists and physicists lived, studied, experimented, or have their labware on display. At each site, I’ll record a short video podcast highlighting the scientist, and the significance of each location. The videos will be made available to any teacher who wants to use them in their classes. A full press release is at Stay tuned for more updates, including a website and Twitter feed.  #eurosciencetrek